Canyoning - every canyon is an adventure

This is a must for those who prefer to be inside a canyon rather than just looking at it from above. A change of view which is guaranteed to pay off! Well protected in a warming dive suit we will “walk” (swim, climb, jump, abseil and slide) in between amazing rock formations and along bold rock face. The highlights of this tour are certainly the many in height varying jumps. Of course, you can also choose to abseil instead if you prefer.

Canyon Classic:
The classic - includes a number of jumps from 2 – 10 meters height, many swimming passages and slides; the tour is not too difficult and offers a lot of fun; duration: approx. 4 – 5 hours

Canyon Intensive:
Day tour set in beautiful landscape; this is a more demanding tour and includes a high number of jumps from 4 – 16 metres height (also possible to abseil), many swimming passages; duration: approx. 6 – 7 hours

Complete security certified top-equipment, certified guide, transfer

Able to swim, able to jump off a min. of 2 meters height

What to bring along:
Solid footgear which can get wet, swim wear, towels

Tour Classic € 58.00
Tour Intensive
€ 88.00